Getting started

This is the seventh year of the New Year Plant Hunt. More and more people are taking part each year. We have simplified the recording form this year. This will let us process your finds quickly so that they appear immediately on the results page.

The recording form can be used online on our web page or on your mobile phone.

Enter your records »

First plan your hunt

Where you go is entirely up to you – pick your own route, check your county's webpage to see what’s planned in your area or check out the New Year Plant Hunt events page.

Please remember that, to keep everyone's list comparable we ask that you limit your recording to a maximum of three hours. More details here.

Before you set out

If you are using the recording form on your mobile phone, download the form by visiting the page before you set out (while you still have a strong internet connection). You'll then be able to continue to use the form offline.

Once you're out in the field you can use the mobile version of the recording form to store your records until you get back home.

Once you’re back at home or in range of an internet connection, it should be quick and easy to upload your records from your phone.

Or, if you collected your records on a list or a BSBI recording card, you’ll be able to use the recording form web page to send your records.

Recording using your smart phone

Using the recording form on your mobile phone means that you can record your New Year Plant Hunt finds as you walk. You’ll be able to add photos and automatically include accurate grid-references using your phone's GPS. The recording form was designed for use on a mobile phone and it’s very user-friendly!

Before you set out, while you still have a good network connection make sure that the recording form is accessible from you phone.

Enter your records »

We recommend that you take a pencil and notebook or a BSBI recording card with you as a backup. If the app doesn't work properly for you once you’re out in the field then it would be frustrating if you couldn't record your finds!

Important: Last year we used installable mobile apps for the 2017 Plant Hunt. We've ironed out a few wrinkles since then so please don't reuse last year's app your records won't reach us that way!

Recording using the website

Another option is to use the website version of the recording form to enter all your records once you get home from your New Year Plant Hunt.

Copy the records from your paper list or BSBI recording card into the form.

Enter your records »

If you run into any problems, you can email us at or phone us on 07725 862 957.

Help with using the recording app

  1. Click on 'Enter your Records' to go to the recording form.
  2. Once the page has loaded, click through any introductory screens and click 'Start the Hunt'.
  3. Start typing in the plant name and select from the list OR click 'Unknown Plant' and upload a photo.
  4. For your first record: after choosing a plant name you'll be directed to the location page.
  5. Click on the map to pick a grid reference OR type a grid reference into the field at the top of the page.
  6. If you'd like your chosen grid reference to apply to your subsequent records, then click the padlock icon (so that it appears closed).
  7. Click on the back arrow (top-left) to save your record and return to the start page, which will now list your new record.
  8. Continue adding more records either by sending images (click on the camera icon) or by picking from the list of species (click on +).
  9. You can edit a record to modify the name, grid-reference or to add notes by clicking on the entry in the list.
  10. Once you have finished editing your records, click Send.
  11. If you see a rotating symbol, your records are being sent through for validation.
  12. If this doesn't happen, or if it's very slow then first check if any problems have been highlighted – every record needs to have a grid-reference and either a species name or a photo. If no errors are shown, then check that you have an internet connection. Trying clicking the button again to retry the send process. If you still encounter problems then please email us.
  13. To submit multiple plant hunt lists, make sure that your first list has been successfully sent then reset the search form by clicking on the menu icon (top-left) and then selecting 'Start a new list'.