Join the New Year Plant Hunt

Please send your finds using the New Year Plant Hunt app. It’s easy to use and will allow us to process your finds quickly so that they appear immediately on the results page.

The recording form can be used on your phone while you’re out in the field or on your computer once you’re back at home.

Before you set out

First plan your route

Where you go is entirely up to you – you can pick your own route. Please make sure that you are aware of local Covid-19 restrictions and follow any local guidance for your area.

To keep everyone’s list comparable we ask that you limit your recording to a maximum of three hours and to follow these instructions.

Even if you’re planning to use your phone to record your finds, we recommend that you take a pencil and notebook or a BSBI recording card with you as a backup. If there were any problems then it would be frustrating if you couldn’t record your finds!

If you are using the app on your phone, open the recording form just before you set out, while you still have a strong internet connection. You’ll then be able to continue to record while offline. Check that everything is working before you leave the house.

Start your Hunt…

Using the app on your phone means that you can record your New Year Plant Hunt finds as you walk. You’ll be able to add photos and automatically include accurate grid-references using your phone’s GPS. The recording form was designed for use on a phone and it’s very user-friendly!


Use a notebook to record your list and enter the records on the website once you’re back home.

If you run into any problems using the recording form on your phone or your computer please check our Troubleshooting / FAQ page.

Still stuck? Email the NYPH team at or phone us on 07725 862957. We’ll be here throughout the hunt, ready to help you.

Personal details collected by the New Year Plant Hunt are covered by BSBI’s Privacy Policy and our Data Handling Policy.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about how we handle your data or to fully remove your details from our database.